Open a world of opportunities for your students as they start their careers

Build a job board that will bridge the gap between your graduates & employers

Get real-world employers involved

Create a fully-branded job board and invite employers to post entry-level opportunities, so that your students have clear visibility on what the market has to offer and employers benefit by recruiting suitable fresh graduates.

Integrate with your student and alumni database

We work with you to develop authentication mechanisms (e.g. single-sign on or email verification), to ensure that only students and alumni of your university stand to benefit from the portal.

Control, Regulate, Report

Customize your portal to accept job opportunities from industries only relevant to your institution. Enable your team to moderate job postings and employer accounts. Have the capability to report on activity metrics like completed CVs, employers on board and job posting volumes.

Revolutionize the way your career services department functions. Get Talentera.

Universities & Colleges that use Talentera every day

Higher Colleges of Technology UAE

Philadelphia University Jordan

Emirates Foundation - Internship Portal UAE

Arts, Science & Tech University Lebanon

Jubail University College Saudi Arabia

Recruitment Features for Educational Institutes

Multiple Employer Access

Apart from adding affiliates yourselves, you can have your platform open to all interested employers by allowing them to register through a sign-up form. Over time you create the potential to organically build a diverse employer audience interested in fresh talent from your institution.

Moderation Controls

Take control of who participates in your portal. Moderate everything from employers, job postings and even CVs for that matter. Decide what industries you want to limit jobs to so that they align with your institution's offerings.

Searchable Student CV Database

Students and alumni can use the intuitive CV builder to create profiles on your platform and start applying to positions. Not only does this digitize students' CV profiles, it also makes them thoroughly searchable which facilitates your career services department in helping students find suitable jobs directly from the applicant tracking system.

Activity Reports

Understand the activity of employers on your job board, track job posting counts per month and review application volumes. This data helps you identify active employers and popular jobs, allowing you to recognize and build on important trends.