The dawn of each year highlights new trends in the workplace, and helps forecast some changes to keep an eye out […]

Time’s flying, and with 2019 well onto its way of picking up pace full speed ahead- we figured let’s pause and […]

What is it? Evaluating candidates can be tricky- and ensuring that your evaluation process is organized, fast and standardized- even trickier. […]

What is it? Hiring responsibilities are time consuming, and sometimes there needs to be a change in ownership of a job […]

  What is it? We’re so excited to share our New Export CV experience for our users! Just when you thought […]

  What is it? As a part of our ongoing effort to simplify importing of divisions into the system, the Talentera […]

  What is it? In our continued efforts to tailor user experiences, our new internal enhancement has eliminated the inconvenience of […]

  What is it? In the simpler times, having updates regarding new candidate applications was enough for recruiters to get by. […]

The Talentera team takes our customer feedback very seriously so we can positively impact your hiring and productivity every chance we […]

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