What is it? Tracking productivity helps organizations assess the impact of their hiring activity. Being able to review hiring trends […]

  What is it? Let’s face it, there’s no secret stockpile of candidates that companies have access to. Attracting qualified professionals […]

What is it? Ready to take your recruitment strategy to the next level? With the ability to assign evaluation forms to […]

When it comes to finding diamonds in the rough, a stellar interview experience makes a great difference to ensure that your […]

Successful talent acquisition is a combination of many factors ranging from diversified talent sources, strong employer branding, to commitment to regular […]

  Talentera’s Budget Management module is useful for several reasons. It allows users to keep track of the number of people […]

What is it? Thriving businesses carry with them the inevitable responsibility of growing divisions. More staffing and more output translates into […]

Where candidate sourcing might definitely be the most difficult part of filling a vacancy, ask any recruiter worth their salt and […]

  What is it? With so much valuable information on your career portal, it’s necessary to have proper moderation controls in […]

What is it? With so many positions to fill, we want recruiters and hiring managers to make the most out of […]

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