Talentera is designed to help you achieve all your hiring goals


Best in-class Applicant Tracking & Workflow Automation

Attracts Relevant Talent Quickly

Powerful CV Search & Job Advertising Tools

Consolidates Candidate Sources

Amazing ability to Store Data across all Sources in One Place

Promotes Employer Brand

Fully Customizable Branded Career Portal

Standardizes Communication

Dynamic In-app Messaging and Letter templates

Aids in Evaluating Candidates

Multiple Tools for Smart Screening, Evaluation & Testing

Improves Team Collaboration

Ease of Sharing User Roles, Notes & HR Assets

Measures Efficiency of HR Processes

Detailed Reports on Hiring Activities

Talentera has the right ingredients to help you make the right hires

  • Candidate Experience

    Feature-rich and user-friendly career pages that help applicants find and apply to jobs with ease.


  • Candidate Sourcing

    From your Career Portal to paid job boards to social media – Talentera hooks into all your talent sources at once.


  • Talent CRM

    The candidate data that you collect is a goldmine of talent. Talentera allows you to search, organize, enrich and communicate your database with minimal effort.

  • Applicant Tracking

    Setup custom recruitment funnels and keep track of your applicants as they move through hiring stages of each job.


  • Team Collaboration

    Work as a tightly-knit talent acquisition team by sharing HR assets, task management and user permissions.


  • Evaluation Tools

    Candidate Scorecards, Auto-Screening and Built-in Tests help you make informed hiring decisions.


  • Reporting & Analytics

    Detailed out-of-the-box reports give you valuable insights into your HR processes, recruiter productivity and talent trends.


Enterprise-class Features

Manpower Planning

Manage your HR Cost and Headcount Budgets with ease.


Automate your requisition approval process and streamline your requisition workflow.

Offers & Hiring Approvals

Create dynamic offer letters and generate hiring approval requests to hiring managers with a few clicks.


Capture necessary documents, files and transcripts from hired candidates with ease.

Careers Portals Powered by Talentera

Why do companies in MENA love Talentera?

Branded Career Portal & Customized ATS ready in just 4 weeks

vs. industry average of 3-6 months

Beautifully Designed & Localized Career Portal that matches your brand

vs. reusing boring templates/iframes & no Arabic support

Refreshing openness
to workflow

vs. turnkey solutions & “we’ll forward your feedback”

Watch a Quick Intro to Talentera

Talentera doesn’t just grow on you. It grows with you.

Talentera offers a solution that adapts to your needs:

Talentera Core

For small & medium sized businesses with basic HR needs

Talentera Pro

For fast-growing companies that need efficiency in hiring

Talentera Enterprise

For large organizations with mature and complex processes

Job Board

For publishers and universities to set up a branded job board

Companies That Trust Talentera

What Talentera Customers Have To Say About Us

Rotana’s Talentera-powered careers website has become our main source for recruiting candidates. Having our very own pool of more than 300,000 jobseekers of all career levels, departments, and geographical regions at our disposal has helped us considerably.
Andrei Karpovich

Director of Career Planning

Since we started with Talentera, we have added more than 95,000 candidates to our database. This enabled us to tap into more to fill our requirements. I strongly recommend Talentera as this technology is also backed by an exceptionally supportive customer support team.
Mohammed Awad Al Asmari

Assistant Manager , Sourcing at Alinma Bank

We have been extremely pleased with the services provided by Talentera team and at no point did we reget choosing them over other international providers. Talentera provides a fantastic tool with top-notch local customer support & relationship management.
Ahmed Jamali

Senior General Manager – Talent Acquisition

I have found that each member of the Talentera team possesses a high level of dedication as well as a wealth of specialized industry knowledge that has been directed toward providing exceptional services for us."
Abdulrahman Alsughayer

Chairperson of Acquisition and Assessment

Talentera is more than a great technology; they are our recruitment partners. They go out of their way to make things happen. In short, it is a high-quality product with a highly competent and responsive customer service team.
Tamer Amer

Regional Human Resources Manager

The system proved to be very effective. It saved us a lot of time by allowing us to see the candidates on video and filter them based on language proficiency and personality." The passage is now corrected for article usage and redundancy, improving clarity and flow.

Talentera Video Evaluation has been a great help for us! For an education company, having this tool to bulk screen candidates is a blessing in disguise. We were able to cut down turnaround time in recruitment massively. The Talentera team has been fantastic, very helpful, and very hands-on with their product.

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