The All-In-One Recruitment Solution
HR Will Ever Need

Talentera is a customizable recruitment platform that helps you attract & hire great employees with lesser effort.

Source Talent Without the Hassle

We customize your career site so you can wear your brand with pride. Create a great first-impression on candidates and promote your brand for employment.

Direct integration with a vast job board network so you secure the front and center of a wide range of talent pools.

Invite external recruiters to submit referrals against your vacancies.

Track, Enrich & Find the Right Applicants

Setup your hiring stages to match your existing recruitment process. Your platform, your rules.

Leverage searchable tags, collaborative notes and evaluation forms to understand talent better.

Assess Candidates & Make Informed Decisions

Have candidates fill out questionnaires or scored tests as part of the application process for quick assessment.

Compare CVs side by side to elicit pros and cons and make well-informed decisions.

Create qualification criteria for each job. Talentera automatically moves irrelevant profiles to a separate folder, reducing needless overhead.

Schedule Interviews in a Breeze

Interview Scheduling

Schedule interviews with multiple candidates in a breeze and keep your calendar in complete sync.

Never Lose Sight of the Budget

Hiring Budget Tracking

Create annual budgets, track spending, and review progress on a monthly basis.

Gain Insights with Recruitment Analytics

Measure Recruitment Efficiency

Assess hiring efficiency and identify process bottlenecks with metrics like Hiring Velocity and Time to Hire.

Understand Your Talent Database

Determine your best talent sources, comprehend applicant demographics and ideal candidate profiles.

Over 3,000 Recruiters from 250+ Companies Hire from Talentera Everyday

"On top of the incredible amount of features, Talentera provides hands down, some of the best support we have ever received."

Kavita Gangakhedkar

"Since we started our partnership with in 2012, we haven’t regretted a single time that we preferred this local provider to other famous branded career channel. Rotana’s careers website has become our main source for recruiting candidates."

Andrei Karpovich

Director of Career Planning at Rotana Hotel Management Corporation PJSC

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