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How AI-driven assessments can transform your hiring

Clock checkReduction in time to hire
Hand HeartImprovement in the quality of hiring
Hour GlassLess time spent by hiring manager

Talentera customers get results


“The candidate we hired using AI Video assessments is not only highly qualified but also a great fit for our company culture. Their talents and skills are already proving to be a valuable asset to our team.”


General ManagerFerdinand Bilstein Middle East FZE
AI Video Interview Software
  • 40%

    Less time-to-hire
  • 10 Minutes

    To evaluate a candidate

Everything you need for effective assessments

Video Assessment

Create custom assessments with AI

Tailor-made assessments
Create customized assessments effortlessly with our inbuilt AI with a few clicks.
Role-specific evaluation
Input job titles and descriptions, and our AI crafts tailored tests that ensure you find the perfect fit for any role.
800 ready-to-use tests
You can also choose from one of the 800+ pre-defined skill assessments.

Video Assesment
Video assessment and evaluation

Smart Evaluation

Evaluate smarter with pre-recorded videos

Evaluate on your schedule
Watch and assess candidates whenever it suits you, significantly cutting down on evaluation time.
Interview the best
Focus only on candidates who meet your criteria, ensuring more effective use of your interviewing time.
Team collaboration made easy
Share and discuss candidate feedback seamlessly with your hiring team.

Automated screening

Accelerate hiring with automated scoring

Automated scoring
Utilize AI to instantly analyze and grade candidate responses, streamlining the evaluation process.
Consistent results
Ensure consistent, unbiased outcomes that accelerate and enhance decision-making in hiring.
Enhance assessment integrity with cheat-proof settings that monitor screens and capture periodic screenshots.

Video assessments with automatic translation

Automatic Translation

Hire globally with automatic translation

Hire the best talent globally
Access top candidates from anywhere in the world without geographical constraints.
Language no barrier
Utilize our automatic translation and transcription features, supporting multiple languages including Arabic, to ensure seamless assessments regardless of linguistic differences.

Rotana’s Talentera-powered careers website has become our main source for recruiting candidates. Having our very own pool of more than 300,000 jobseekers of all career levels, departments, and geographical regions at our disposal has helped us considerably.
Andrei Karpovich

Director of Career Planning

Since we started with Talentera, we have added more than 95,000 candidates to our database. This enabled us to tap into more to fill our requirements. I strongly recommend Talentera as this technology is also backed by an exceptionally supportive customer support team.
Mohammed Awad Al Asmari

Assistant Manager , Sourcing at Alinma Bank

We have been extremely pleased with the services provided by Talentera team and at no point did we reget choosing them over other international providers. Talentera provides a fantastic tool with top-notch local customer support & relationship management.
Ahmed Jamali

Senior General Manager – Talent Acquisition

I have found that each member of the Talentera team possesses a high level of dedication as well as a wealth of specialized industry knowledge that has been directed toward providing exceptional services for us."
Abdulrahman Alsughayer

Chairperson of Acquisition and Assessment

Talentera is more than a great technology; they are our recruitment partners. They go out of their way to make things happen. In short, it is a high-quality product with a highly competent and responsive customer service team.
Tamer Amer

Regional Human Resources Manager

The system proved to be very effective. It saved us a lot of time by allowing us to see the candidates on video and filter them based on language proficiency and personality." The passage is now corrected for article usage and redundancy, improving clarity and flow.

Talentera Video Evaluation has been a great help for us! For an education company, having this tool to bulk screen candidates is a blessing in disguise. We were able to cut down turnaround time in recruitment massively. The Talentera team has been fantastic, very helpful, and very hands-on with their product.

Get the most out of AI-driven video assessments

Mass Screening Talentera


Efficiently manage thousands of applications by rapidly analyzing candidate videos with automated scoring and analytics. This process screens top applicants and expedites the hiring process.

Eliminate Recruitment Bias

Eliminate recruitment

Objectively analyze candidate responses to ensure decisions are based solely on skills and qualifications, eliminating unconscious bias.

Training & Development

Training &

Go beyond hiring; use our AI Video Assessments to boost training and development by offering real-time, detailed feedback and tailored training based on advanced analytics.

Smart evaluation technology that improves productivity, confidence and ROI

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