Provide citizens with a centralized recruitment channel & deliver nationwide impact

Our Government Solution Spectrum serves a variety of recruiting objectives

Public Sector Hiring

Setup a career portal that acts as a unified window into vacancies across all governmental institutions and enables centralized Public Sector hiring from a dynamic applicant tracking system

Multi-Sector Coverage

Government-sponsored career portal that acts as a job-advertising platform to all employers regardless of industry or sector. Centralizes efforts to counter unemployment and drive nationalization.

Micro-Level Solutions

Dedicated career portals and recruitment solutions for individual municipalities, departments or institutions to serve for specific recruitment funnels and to attract and curate focused talent pools

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Stellar Track Record

Taqat Online Saudi Arabia

Ministry of Labor UAE

Department of Economic Development UAE

Wafid Saudi Arabia

Abu Dhabi City Municipality UAE

Tailored Recruitment Features just for Governments

Governmental Branding

We work closely wth marketing and creative teams to design a career portal that reflects a modern online government initiative that is both elegant and intuitive across user types, leaving users with a positive impression

Establish a Nationwide Job Database

With our multi-employer support capabilities, you can bring limitless number of employers on board to advertise their job vacancies, thus creating a centralized and thoroughly searchable job database for citizens

Import & Centralize Existing Talent Pools

We work with you to pull in existing external lists of talent (e.g. unemployed roster) and create strategies to enrich them with information and eventually surface them to employers for consideration for their opportunities

Executive-Level Employment Reports

With a suite of reports with regards to job postings and job seeker acquisition, government executives can measure their marketing efforts and understand the effectiveness of the career portal towards their objectives