Request Clarifications on Hiring Approval Requests

When HR managers are getting multiple requests for hiring approvals, they may be unclear  about certain specifics of the role or might spot an issue in listed details.  Instead of taking things offline, you can now simply get clarifications from recruiters or hiring managers who raised requisitions by adding a note or comment. Additionally, you will have the ability to direct your clarification request to a specific party.  This means that if anyone requires a clarification before they approve a hiring approval, they can address the best person to answer it by adding a comment with an “@mention” tag. The concerned person gets an email notification and can respond through the system to answer the query.  Here is how it works: 

  1. Check your email for new assigned requests, click on request for clarification, or go to the request page, you can simply click on “More” menu option and click on the “Request for clarification” option.
  2. After clicking this option, the following message box will appear: 
  3. Select the option “Private Request Owner” and send the request to the specific person who raised the request.