Review your Recruitment Process with Precision

The recruitment process report provides a comprehensive summary of your recruitment process efficiency and performance. Improve hiring speed, decision making quality and department productivity by gaining access to powerful statistics that reveal:


  1. Average time taken to hire (average time taken to fill an available position)
  2. Average time taken to reject applicant (average time taken to move candidate from any stage to the rejected stage)
  3. The bottleneck stage (the most time consuming stage slowing your hiring process, and the associated percentage indicating excess time spent on it compared to the average)

Recruitment Process Report


The report also reveals detailed insights breaking down your recruitment process from one stage to the next. The example below is a demonstration of how this feature will show the progress to move CVs from time of application to the final verdict.

Recruitment Process Report


With such insights at hand, you can now measure how efficient your hiring process is e.g. answer questions like “what stages are taking exceptionally long” or “how fast am I able to hire per department?”