Evaluation Forms for Talentera Mobile App

What Is It?

Not too long ago, we launched our Talentera Evaluation Forms. This feature quickly became essential in the recruiting toolkit and interviewers could finally escape the conundrum of having to choose between similarly qualified candidates. With a customizable template that had qualitative and quantitative sections, these forms could generate an actionable report with a final verdict.

This not only cut the interviewer’s work by half, but recruiters could also make quicker and better hiring decisions with instant and standardized feedback on the candidates.

However, at Talentera, we believe in continuously pushing the envelope. And so we’re excited to announce a new update to this feature!

What do we have in store for you, you ask?

Now, hiring managers can access our popular evaluation forms from their smartphones! Injecting a dose of ease and convenience to an already useful feature, the mobile functionality of the evaluation forms allows recruiters to now view and fill them in from their smart screens, while they’re on the move, or simply during the gaps in between complex tasks.

More importantly, these forms can be filled live while the interviewer is interacting with the candidate in the interview room, allowing them to record fresh impressions of candidates in real time and ensure the greatest degree of accuracy.

This reduces unnecessary interruptions or time lags, thus ensuring a prompt and seamless assessment process that maximizes recruiter productivity.

How Does it Work?


Excited to make use of this new update? Well, we’re just as excited to share it with you!

Here’s how you can fill in the evaluation forms through the Talentera App:

1) When viewing a candidate’s CV, if the user has been granted permission to access the Evaluation Forms, they’ll find a new option in the actions menu i.e “Add Evaluation Form”.
2) Once they select this option, a drop-down menu will appear for the user, from which they can select the evaluation forms that have been shared with them.
3) Once an evaluation form is selected, the form will load with all its contents.
4) The logged in user will then be able to view the various sections and questions, as ordered in the evaluation form.
5) At the end of the modal, there will be two sections, “Add” and “Cancel”. The add form will promptly add the filled form to the relevant CV.
6) Once this action is complete, a success message will appear stating “Evaluation Form Added Successfully”.
7) When viewing a CV, the recruiter can click on “Activities” and will ultimately be able to view the Evaluation Forms filled for the candidate. Of course, while viewing the CV, users can also edit or delete the evaluation form.

Now,  you can enjoy the ease of simply pulling out your mobile phone from your pocket and promptly recording candidate assessments on the fly. Yes, it’s easy as it gets! That’s exactly what we’re committed to- making talent acquisition easier, one feature at a time.

Who Gets It?

This enhancement is available to all Talentera customers. If you wish to learn more about this feature, please get in touch with your account manager and they will be happy to help.
If you’d like to speak with an expert to learn how Talentera can improve your company’s recruiting processes, please get in touch.