Enhanced Reporting Features- Understand Your Talent

Our reports have been improved to accelerate your hiring process; insights regarding your talent breakdown, strongest CV sources and applicant status updates are now just a few seconds away.

1.     Talent Trend Report

Using the Talent Trend report, you can narrow down your talent pool with precision. With preferred filters such as the job seekers’ registration date, job posting, and CV source (to name a few), your available candidates will then be illustrated in different visual charts based on important criteria such as gender, nationality, years of experience, educational qualification, residence location, CV source and top majors.
This visualization helps identify key factors that influence decision making, meanwhile helping assess talent quality.


Talent charts4


2.     Talent Source Report

You are now equipped with the power to identify leading sources of job seeker traffic, for example direct email, friend referrals, or newspapers. Defining your top CV sources enables you to enhance your ROI by investing in the most effective channels to maintain a compelling competitive positioning.
The information is broken down based on your top 10 CV sources that are presented in a column chart, providing job seekers’ insights based on three events: registration, CV completions and current applications for available vacancies.

top cv sources


To make talent source comparisons even more performance focused, the number of candidates for any selected CV source will be displayed along with the conversion percentage from the previous stage.


3.    Candidate Progress Timeline

Zoom-in on the efficiency of your hiring process; the timeline reflects all decision-making stages ranging from the date the job seeker “applied”, to current day status with utmost transparency. Date of update and the recruiter-in-charge can also be reviewed to ensure business priorities are being proactively pursued.



Progress Timeline



4.    Document Requests Report

No more mystery regarding documents; view the the document status, the document request date and the recruiter-in-charge all in one report so you can initiate the necessary actions and follow-ups.