Requisitions/Hiring Approval – UX Revamp

: The User Experience for both Requisition and Hiring Approval modules has been revamped for enhanced functionality and user convenience.

What’s new?

– A more elegant, clear and readable design.

– All actions are now grouped in one single menu.

– A clearer label has been introduced that indicates the current requisition/hiring-approval status [Approved, Pending approval, Pending HR review…]

– We have a new tab called the Activity log which contains all comments, history log and actions in a single place.

– The logs can be filtered depending on what the user wants to see.


Don’t you like it when you mention your friend on Facebook?

We now offer the same experience.

A user can add specific user names or even a group of users by mentioning the role name in a comment.


Example: “@Barry Adams” will add comment for “Barry” and he will receive a notification as well.

You can also mention all recruiters by typing in “@recruiters” and the whole group will get notified!


– A better experience for assigning approvers for a specific request.

– The brand new ‘Remind’ action sends a reminder email to the user when a request is still pending his/her approval.

– A better experience when you wish to Change Ownership.


We hope you’ll find all these enhancements useful.

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