Visa Tracking Module

Companies with international employees face many issues in tracking the number of expat visas they have been granted and their usage.

We developed a new feature will be primarily used by Saudi Employers to record the number of visas granted by the Saudi government. Also, they will use this module to assign the candidates they hire to a visa granted by the KSA government allowing them to track visa consumption.




Users with adequate permission can now record the expat VISA quota that has been allotted by the Saudi government, we separated these quotas into two categories; Active and Expired Visa Grants.

Active visa grants have all visas defined and still valid, employers can edit these visas data by update their information, delete them or manage allocations candidates on them. For expired ones the user can’t do any actions against them and used for tracking only. Both tabs show a table with full details about each visa and its consumption.




For active visas, employers can allocate them to hired candidates in the system using the visa allocation management page, this page will automatically fetch candidates from hired folders of jobs and the employer will be able to assign any candidate to a visa grant using the ‘Assign’ action. Clicking this link will open a modal window with a form containing needed information like the visa ID and visa grant titles, knowing that the only Visa grants will be loaded which are valid for the candidate’s nationality. In other words, the system will only show those Visa grants where the applicable nationality is equal to the nationality of the candidate. The system also allows the employer to de-allocate the assigned visa from the candidate that It will also update the visa consumption or to remove a candidate from allocation when he doesn’t need a visa.




In some cases, the candidate may not exist in the system but the recruiter might want to add the candidate for completeness sake and visa tracking purposes. For this we gave him/her an option to add candidate manually using the “Add Candidate” button which will open a form with needed information.




Employers who use this module will be consuming their visa grants more efficiently and track the progress of each one. This module will send notifications before the expiry of a visa grant record and when a visa grant expires to make it fully optimized.