Organizational Chart

Organizational structure illustrates relations between people within an organization and defines who is responsible for doing various tasks within it. In a glance you can take a full image about all organization employees and the role of each one.




Using our org chart you have two options to start; add data from scratch, or import company data from a spreadsheet or .CSV file. Then, personalize your org chart by uploading pictures to accompany names and positions.




In order to make sure the company data is updated; new hires and approved internal employees will be automatically added to the Organization Chart with their information which can be edited later easily.


By clicking on an employee name a subview will appear with all his/her information and a set of action you can take; you can delete that user from the chart, edit his detail, approve him/her as internal employee (if he/she was pending verification) and add him as a sub-user.




It is also possible to print your organization chart, Save it in PDF format and export it to a spreadsheet for various uses


We believe this is an important addition to our system and in the future it will have further interaction and integration with main modules and features we have or we will be adding.