Data Segmentation is a Key

Your talent database is a precious asset and it’s essential that every recruiter is aware of what kind of talent they have in their immediate reach. The talent that you have captured shows how successful your employment branding and past recruitment efforts have been. Were you able to attract relevant people? Can you see candidates that you would consider for future positions? What kind of candidates have you been able to attract easily? Answers to these can affect future campaign messaging and even CV sources.


Your talent database also informs you about the effort you need to expend for future business needs. For example, your business might be expanding horizontally into new industries and has openings across the board. You would need to know how many of your candidates have the matching industry experience but more importantly, how are those candidates distributed in terms of Career Level i.e. between junior level candidates, mid-level managers and higher executives. This information is crucial for planning upcoming sourcing strategies.


So, how can you get this data with Talentera? Say hello to “Segmentation reports”.




Our new segmentation report allows you to break down candidate data by different dimensions giving you a quick window into insights you need. The idea is similar to Excel’s pivot tables where you can quickly create a two dimensional view of your data. More specifically, you’ll be able to slice and dice your candidate pool by Industry, Job Role, Degree, Nationality, Monthly Salary Range, Career lever and Gender.



It’s super simple! Start with selecting a primary criterion that you want to base your analysis on and then select a number of secondary criteria by which you wish to further break down the data. And presto! You instantly get a tabular sheet that displays one dimension against values of the other.


For example, say you wanted to see the gender breakdown by industry. Select “Gender” as your primary criteria and “Industry” as the secondary. The resulting sheet shows the number of candidates in each Industry broken down by how many of those are male compared to female.

Need to process these stats further or share them across? No problem. You can export the report into an Excel sheet with a click.


We hope the feature helps you out. If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Also, we would love to hear how you plan to use this feature for your purposes.