Recruitment on the Cloud.

Taking your data on a secure cloud translates to lesser cost for you and lesser hassle for your IT

Multi-Tenancy Benefits

Working in the cloud means you always work with the latest version of the application. With frequent software updates and enhancements that are seamlessly pushed up without loss of service, you can be rest assured that you are using the best we have to offer everytime you login

Zero Setup Cost or Effort

No setup fees. No upfront capital expenditures. No IT development required. All you need to do is map your career site domain to our servers and we take care of the rest

With our security and data management, you're in good hands

We take your data very seriously. Apart from security measures on an infrastructure level, data backups are taken on a daily basis, ensuring that your talent pool is safe and secure. We are trusted by a wide spectrum of users: from major government organizations to multi-national giants

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