Bring your recruitment agencies on board.

Your External recruiters and agencies get their own dedicated interface to refer CVs, allowing you to work seamlessly with them

Dedicated Interface keeps your email inbox light

Move away from email as the primary paradigm of sharing referrals. Get your external recruiters to just login and add CVs using the simple CV Builder/Parser. CVs get directly added to your talent pool and remain discoverable to your entire team via the CV search tools. Its simple

Regulate Recruitment Agency Activity

Set controls on how you want to deal with your recruitment agencies. Limit number of referrals per job, assign deadlines for referral submissions and even choose to show or hide real-time status of the candidates they pass to you

Get Reports on Agency Performance

Access empirical data to compare agency activity and performance during a certain time frame. Understand metrics like number of referrals made, hiring success volumes, percentage of referrals hired and more

Feel at ease with Preemptive Duplicate Detection

Avoid situations where its not clear whether a certain CV was a new referral from an agency or whether the candidate already existed in your talent database. We employ a smart algorithm to detect duplicates and prevent agencies from submitting them as referrals. Compensate agencies only for talent you don't have

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