Monitor your KPIs with Recruitment Analytics.

Measure CV sources, applicant volumes and process metrics to evaluate your hiring processes better

Understand the ROI of your CV Sources

Track where your applicants are coming from and know which CV sources result in desirable applicant volumes. Know where you are getting your money's worth

Slice and dice your talent database

Segment your applicants and registrants by various dimensions to understand the nature of your talent pool. Breakup CV numbers by date/time, location or work experience to see whether you are building up the right balance

Dig deeper in your Recruitment Funnel

Get a snapshot of the number of candidates in various stages of your recruitment funnel. You can break these numbers up further by division/departments and even CV Source. Want to know where most of your hires generally come from? We can tell you

Measure your Time to Hire, monitor funnel velocity & identify bottlenecks

Keeping an eye on the efficiency of your hiring process is important for productivity and meeting your headcount targets for the year. Get to know how much time a candidate is kept in each funnel status and understand your average time to hire. Identify bottleneck stages that consume too much time and address them proactively

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