Communicate seamlessly with your talent pool.

Send mass emails and questionnaires directly from the interface and keep a log of your correspondence

Send mass emails, at once

Need to broadcast a message to a number of candidates? No problem. Simply select the concerned candidates and send a customized message. Collect their responses in the on-site mailbox

Keep a log of all communication with the on-site Mailbox

Responses from candidates and the emails you send are recorded in the Mailbox, an on-site store of all the correspondence you have conducted with various candidates. Messages also show up on the CV view, making sure that you never lose track of what interaction you have had with the candidate

Standardize your communication with Letter Templates

Do you have a standard template you use for acceptance or rejection notifications? Simply create a letter template and have it available for selection whenever you need to send a message to a candidate, keeping external communications consistent and removing the need for copy-paste

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