Nimble CV Folders & Shiny Nav Bars

Here’s a quick round up of new and exciting things the geeks at Talentera have been working on.

Navigation Menu gets a Makeover

Our previous menu was functional for sure, but it wasn’t the most visually appealing. To make sure we tend to our clients’ aesthetic needs, we’ve revamped the layout with a modern, sleeker touch that has meaningful visuals and elegant aesthetics.

Keep out unwanted people from suspicious locations

No one likes unwanted guests, especially from locations you don’t recognize. So, if an organization would like to block out people from certain geographies, they can do so by specifying an IP address to fence out.

This is currently an on-demand feature. If any of your accounts are having trouble from rogue places, let us know. We’ll sort those buggers out.

CV Folders just became a bit more personal

Imagine this. You save a bunch of CVs into a new folder you just created. You come back an hour later to gloat on your roster of superstars just to find that the CV folder is lost in the Amazonian Jungle of Folderland.

That’s when you crave you had a way to search for your folder. Or better yet, that’s when you wished you could just bookmark the folder you are recently working on. Wish no more, friends. Bookmarking and searching CV folders is now a reality. You’re welcome!

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