Theme customization updates and enhancements

As part of our effort to continuously enhance the user experience for our customers, we have done the following enhancements to the product main theme setup: 


1- For new clients that are using default they add a favicon from the site logo tab

  • The image extensions : (ico,png)
  • Max image size 64px*64px


2- Main banner and headline

  • The ability to add an image or video(link) as a slide
  • Supports video options like (autoplay/mute)
  • video can be from youtube or vimeo or any uploaded video link 


3- Footer content 

  • The content will have default macros  
  • All (new default) clients have footer macros 


4- SEO

  • SEO section can be set/changed  its content from theme customization page
  • Google analytics Code can be set/changed  its content from theme customization page


5- Settings Tab

  • have new options that can be used by any new client with default theme 
  • Color picker for footer and header 


How Does it work:


1- Login to your employer account 

2- Admin panel – career site theme customization

3- Check site logo tab – Fav Icon

4- Check Main banner and headline tab – Add image or video as a slider 

5- Check Footer content tab – footer content macro 

6- Header and footer tabs – Color picker 

7- Check SEO tab – SEO content and google analytics setup

8- Check setting icon – check the color picker for the header and footer and the new setup options: