New permission to view CV folders

Previously recruiters whom they want to view CV folders, and edit them, had to have a function for that which allowed them to view and edit CV folders and CV search too.


However, many organisations have some policies that allow only a few people to access the CV search, & candidate pool, which means that this function must be somehow separated in a way that CV folders and job search have different permissions.


So we decided to introduce a new permission called CV Folder View,  which allows the recruiter to view the Cv folders and save CVs in it, and organize it.


How Does it work: 


1- Login to your employer account 

2- Go to user role management 

3- Choose any role that you want to give the CV Folder View permission to.

4- Edit that role, & from the edit modal add CV Folder View permission

5- Now any user in user management that has that role, or will be assigned to that role in the future will have permission to view the CV folder.