New Notification Capability for Updated Requisitions

It is very useful for hiring managers specifically when they get assigned to requisition, to know whenever updates have been done to it, especially since that the budgeting part and offered salary is an important factor in decision making.


So we decided to introduce a new notification capability for hiring managers, when the requisition gets updated, Were an email will be sent to the assigned hiring manager in case any edit happens to the requisition form, in case the change was from any user other than the hiring manager, whether is was Pending HR Review, Pending Approval, Approved or even approved.


How Does it work:


1- Login to your employer account 

2- Go to admin panel – smart rules management 

3- Create a smart rule

4- Select the “Requisition” as object 

5- Select “Edit” as event

6- Select “Email” as action

7- From the modal choose the hiring manager macro to create the notification email

8- Now every time you update a requisition, the assigned hiring manager will be notified by email.

And you are done!