New access capabilities for the share/unshare function

Currently HR managers and recruiters can have the ability to share or unshare the automatically shared jobs with other users, only if they own this job.


And as the responsibility of the recruiting team expands over the course of their experience, it will be much faster and easier to delegate some actions to others.


For this we have expanded the share and unshare feature we have for jobs, to cover all the jobs that the recruiter have access to, even if they are not the owners of it, when they have “Fill/Edit & Share” permission.


How Does it work: 


1- Login to your employer account 

2- Go to my jobs page

3- Open any job that you don’t own

4- Click on more button on the right

5- Click on share/unshare action

6- From the opened modal set or Edit the sharing settings, by users or roles then save.

7- All the users that the job has been shared to, they will receive a notification email.

And you are done!


Kindly note that this feature is available upon request.