Introducing login with bayt feature

Previously job seekers were able to register and create an account with bayt, with a multi step process, and then login after that using their bayt profile email afterwards.


And as you may know we are proudly a software company that is proudly part of,

And since bayt has served millions of users over the years, we decided to launch a new login method by using bayt as identity provider, so job seekers can register to any tenant and login with their identity in as a quick method to access the job application process.


How Does it work: 

1- Go to the tenant job site, click on login.

2- Form the login modal, choose login with bayt

3- Login to you bayt account if you are not logged in already 

4- Grant authorization for bayt single sign on:

5- Next time you login as a job seeker using bayt you will just click on login with the bayt button, and it will be logged in.


Kindly note that this feature is available upon request.