Feature Update: Better Job Sharing across your team


Give access to a group of users in your company in one go 

Previously, sharing a job meant you had to list all team members one by one to whom you wanted to give access.

Now, you can now share jobs with roles instead of just individuals.

To come to recruiters’ relief, Talentera’s new release update allows recruiters to share jobs with roles, where all users within the role receive the shared job automatically.

This enhancement also allows recruiters to exclude some users from a role. So let’s say you’d like to share a job with all recruiters except for user X, maybe because they referred someone else for the same job or because they ate your lunch, you can share the job with all “Recruiters” role holders and exclude user X, instead of sharing the job with all users separately.

Job Sharing Admin

Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Go to My Jobs
  2. Choose a job you would like to share
  3. Click on the share button
  4. Select roles and share the job
And does your company require complete transparency in job sharing?

Maintaining this clarity for difficult in the past when recruiters were required to share a newly created job with all team members since they had to add every member’s name in manually.

Introducing Default Sharing Settings.

New jobs can now be created with default sharing settings across users and roles. This ensures that each time a job is created, it is automatically shared with the users specified in its default settings. To set this up, please get in touch with your account manager or send us a request here.