Assembled Approval Requests

During recruitment, there are many kinds of approvals that drive the hiring process. With Talentera, users can send approval requests to recruiters, line managers, and C-Level executives to further candidates through the recruitment funnel. The approval categories in the ‘My Approvals’ section include:

  1. Requisitions
  2. Hiring Approvals
  3. Candidate Approvals

This feature enhancement makes it easier to spot Pending, Rejected and Approved requests by accumulating them all on one page with different tabs for each of the three approval types and statuses!

New Main Page

On reaching the ‘My Approvals’ page, users can instantly choose between which approval they want to sift through by checking either Requisitions, Hiring Approvals or Candidate Approvals at the top. They can further drill down to Pending, Approved and Rejected approvals with details listed on each request. The layout makes it very simple to spot the progress of the approval requests, find out whom the request has been sent to along with the items that need to be reviewed.

Perform Actions straight from My Approvals

Users can now accept or reject approval requests directly from the main page:

Hitting the check prompts the user to confirm the approval through a dialogue box:

Hitting the cross prompts the user to provide a short explanation of why they rejected the request:

New Job Reference filter and column

A new column titled ‘Job Reference’ has been added that lists the corresponding Job Title of the approval in question, and is linked to either the Job’s Details page (for Requisitions) or the Applicants page (for Hiring and Candidate Approvals):

Along with this new column comes a new filter; the Job Reference filter. This filter allows you to filter all your approvals by job. Only want to see approvals tied to a certain job? This filter does it for you!

New “Approval Type” filters

Next to the Job Reference Filter, we have another useful feature. We’re talking about 3 tabs that filter your results based on which approval type you are looking for. Need to get Hiring Approvals done and out of the way? Just click the Hiring Approvals filter, and view all of them in ease without other approvals getting in your way!

Addition of Candidate Approvals to My Approvals:

To make this page more useful, new approval types will also be added here. Taking Candidate Approvals as an example, now instead of having to navigate to your job, and then the Applicants page to manage your Candidate Approvals, all you need to do is go to My Approvals, and find them all here!

To sum things up, here’s what this feature upgrade lets Hiring Managers and Recruiters do:

– View all approvals in one place.
– Sort and filter through approvals.
– Perform actions on approvals from one page

This enhancement is available for access to all Talentera customers. If you wish to learn more about this feature, please get in touch with your account manager as they will be happy to help.

If you’d like to speak with an expert to learn how Talentera can improve your company’s recruiting processes, please get in touch.