How Dubai Expo 2020 onboarded 3000 candidates and built a 600,000-strong global talent pool

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Bureau Expo Dubai 2020 L.L.C


Dubai, UAE


Public Sector, UAE Government

Key Features Used

• Configurable Recruitment Workflow
• Requisitions & Approval
• Automated Onboarding
• Branded Career Pages
• Talent CRM
• Reporting & Analytics


Working with Talentera has transformed our recruitment process. It has streamlined our efforts and has supported us to find the best talent for our roles. The platform is now a key component of our employment process because of its extensive capabilities and user-friendly layout.

Ciprian Drumen, Director – Manpower Planning & Recruitment

The Greatest show on Earth

The celebrations began across Dubai. Receiving 116 votes out of a total of 165 at the 154th BIE General Assembly, Dubai was voted the winner of the World Expo 2020, arguably the greatest show on Earth.

Expo 2020 Dubai became the first expo to be held in the Middle East. Over 200 countries from around the world showcased their best ideas, projects, and innovations; this was as big as it gets.Recognizing its global importance, one of the initial focuses of the expo team was to build the talent needed to host such a massive event.

Winning The Bid

In 2014, Bureau Expo Dubai 2020 L.L.C invited global bids for an online recruitment portal for Expo Dubai 2020. grasped the requirements and swiftly devised a tailored solution, to streamline the hiring process.

Following the 2014 proposal submission, extensive discussions took place in 2015 between Expo 2020 Dubai and to ensure technical compatibility and project execution. secured the bid, earning the privilege of creating Expo 2020 Dubai's online recruitment portal.

Challenge: Recruit & Onboard 3,000 Candidates

Facing the monumental task of recruiting 3,000 employees for the global event, the Expo team sought a comprehensive solution. They needed a platform capable of efficiently managing the onboarding and offboarding of their expansive workforce, tailored to the diverse needs of various employee types.

This platform had to seamlessly integrate with the Expo Dubai 2020 brand, accommodating full-time positions, temporary roles, and volunteer opportunities. Its goal was to have an end-to-end solution, covering candidate sourcing, hiring, and onboarding processes.


• A configurable onboarding and offboarding solution.

• A branded career page and portal seamlessly extending the Dubai Expo 2020 website.

• An online, user-friendly interface for easy navigation.

• Support for multiple languages to reach a diverse audience.

• A personalized workspace for candidates, allowing them to create profiles, explore job openings, and discover internship and volunteer opportunities.


One aspect that stands out is the platform is the ability to customize recruitment workflows to match our unique needs. From posting job vacancies to managing candidate applications, the platform offers seamless integration and it is efficient in every step of the way.

Ciprian Drumen, Director – Manpower Planning & Recruitment

Talentera as The Solution

Having won the bid, Bayt offered Talentera—the comprehensive recruitment platform as the solution. As an AI-driven recruitment platform, Talentera offered far more than just a software; it presented a strategic ally in Expo's pursuit of assembling a diverse and dynamic workforce. Tailored specifically to Expo's intricate staffing requirements, Talentera offered a seamless experience for both candidates and recruiters.

• Streamlined Candidate Sourcing

Talentera consolidated candidate sources, ensuring a steady flow of qualified applicants for Expo Dubai 2020.

•Multilingual Branded Career Pages

Talentera's multilingual capabilities expanded Expo's reach to a global audience, enhancing communication and engagement with candidates worldwide. It enabled effective employer branding, reinforcing Expo Dubai 2020's reputation as an employer of choice.

•Efficient Applicant Tracking

Talentera's robust applicant tracking system empowered Expo Dubai 2020 by enabling seamless collaboration for requisition and approvals, creating offers, and providing real-time insights. This system allowed the Expo team to make swift and informed hiring decisions.

•Data-Driven Insights

Talentera's analytics tools provided Expo with insights to identify bottlenecks in their recruitment process and clear them.

• Local Support

Talentera provided dedicated local support in English and Arabic offering swift resolutions.

The Outcome

Through seamless integration, Talentera facilitated the development of an exceptionally efficient recruitment portal for Expo Dubai 2020, effectively addressing its monumental staffing requirements.

• More than 3000 candidates were hired successfully via the platform.

• Expo Dubai 2020 was able to develop a database of more than 603,733 job seekers across all job openings.

• Expo Dubai 2020 was able to attract the right talent while reducing their time and cost to hire.

Following a eight-year partnership, Talentera was once again selected as the recruitment partner for the Dubai Expo team, reflecting its continued value and effectiveness in meeting Expo's evolving needs.


The Talentera team has provided us with amazing assistance and collaboration. Their commitment to comprehending our needs and offering customized solutions has been crucial to our success in hiring. I wholeheartedly recommend Talentera to any business seeking a reliable and effective recruitment solution. Thank you for your continued partnership, and I look forward to many more years of collaboration.

Ciprian Drumen, Director – Manpower Planning & Recruitment

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