Why Talentera Is The Best ATS for SMEs

There is a widespread misconception that an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can only add value to your business if you’re an enterprise with hundreds of employees to manage and hire- a myth we’re happy to bust today.

Your staff will always be your most important asset whether you’re a startup, SME or a large scale organization. This is why investing in an ATS such as Talentera, regardless of your company size, can be one of the best decisions you can make for reasons that extend beyond efficiency, cost savings, improved branding, and outstanding hiring success.

How is this possible? Let’s take a look at how our client YallaMotor was able to take charge of their recruitment and attract top performers from around the world.

About YallaMotor

YallaMotor was launched in 2012 and has grown to become the most popular and trusted automotive portal in the Middle East. With the aim of simplifying vehicle research, buying, and selling, it serves over 1,000,000 car buyers per month and carries up-to-date information for over seventy-five brands sold in the region.

Providing visitors with the right set of tools to make well-informed purchasing decisions paired with handy shopping tools such as a unique special offers section, an in-depth car comparison tool, and a bustling used car section with over 14,000 cars- it’s easy to see why YallaMotor has become the region’s leading automotive portal.


Hiring Challenges Faced

An SME (small and medium enterprises) with a team of under 50, YallaMotor is a growing entity with a need to source candidates that can help them steer ahead in the automotive domain. Their sheer size and limited resources, however, make it difficult to reach out and engage with the right prospects, thus making it difficult for their employer brand to truly acquire top talent.

1) Finding qualified applicants: Without a dedicated head hunting team to fill available vacancies, YallaMotor struggled to build a candidate pool with the right skill sets and industry expertise to support their growth targets.

2) Expensive recruitment agencies: Having scarce resources, the company had to exercise caution to avoid fueling high costs of talent acquisition. Referrals and internal transfers were not a reliable option due to the small team size.

3) Weak employer branding: Without much expertise in the hiring domain, the company did not know what strategies to deploy to engage prospective talent.

4) Administrative hurdles: Due to the limited time executives had to review CVs and manage communications with applicants, there was a clear need for an automated system that did the heavy lifting for them through smart resume parsing and in-built workflows to keep hiring on track.

5) Inability to fill vacancies on time: With time-to-hire for positions being extremely long, there was a need for a solution to cut down recruitment time without compromising on talent quality.

6) Lack of reporting tools: Having no reporting dashboard to track productivity, talent sources and bottlenecks coming in way of meeting hiring goals, the management could not take precise corrective actions to streamline recruitment.

talent-management YallaMotor

Talentera’s Solution To Streamline Recruitment & Talent Management

Talentera provided YallaMotor with a customized career portal that amplified their branding to help them position themselves as an employer-of-choice. Also, they expanded their reach and provided them with seamless CV search tools to enable fast and powerful search without the manual workflows.

1) Cost savings: Talentera’s affordability helped YallaMotor in ensuring that their budgets were being utilized towards pursuing their strategic goals. The ROI of the higher quality of hiring decisions and streamlined automation helped save money that would be otherwise spent on assistance from recruitment agencies.

2) Reduced time-to-hire: The ATS eliminated bottlenecks caused by redundant and time-intensive CV short-listing tasks. It provided the executives with a one-stop portal with CV search tools and consolidated profiles to find and communicate with talent of their interest leading to significantly quick hiring.

The detailed reporting dashboard allowed management to keep track of hiring activities and key metrics such as as applicant sources, and the volume of candidates in each stage of the hiring funnel (shortlisted, offer letter sent, interviewed, rejected, etc.). This ensured any inefficiencies were addressed timely to avoid delays in meeting hiring targets.

3) Improved candidate experience: With preset templates to help communicate with a large volume of applicants simultaneously, Talentera also enabled candidates to track their applications to always remain updated about their status in the hiring funnel.

4) Consistent compliance: Possessing a need to reach out to an international talent base, Talentera ensured compliance with regulations such as GDPR so that the business could continue focusing their efforts towards their day-to-day objectives without worrying about legal obligations.

5) Enhanced talent relevance: To keep up with growing business needs, the ATS provided the business with an ever-expanding candidate pipeline to acquire talent from. This convenience allowed YallaMotor to always have a highly qualified stream of applicants readily available in their database making it easy to scale and pursue urgent recruitment.

6) Revamped employer branding: Equipped a new custom branded portal, YallaMotor was able to attract and engage candidates to deliver a one-of-its-kind user-experience, market their presence, and ensure a seamless transition between their business and career websites.

The Results

We let our client’s testimonials do all the talking when it comes to results. In under a year YallaMotor was able to reap tremendous benefits of the user-friendly platform to achieve outstanding candidate engagement, increase in workforce size, and a large following of job seekers signing up for job alerts awaiting their chance to become a part of the growing business.

Now ranking as the fastest growing automotive content and marketplace site reaching about 1.7 million users just this month, the GM Jorge Bilade, was not only pleased with the exceptional customer service provided by the team to cater to his exact needs.

“Talentera gives us the right tools to make our hiring very efficient”. His favorite features including being able to “…post on our career portal and push our jobs to sites like bayt.com for regional hiring. It’s easy-to-use when you get a hang of it and it makes talent sourcing effortless. Preset letter and evaluation templates also help a lot in saving time.”

Jorge Bialade

General Manager, YallaMotor.com


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