Top 3 Reasons You Should Be Maximizing Your Job Board Usage


Having your own branded career portal is a non-negotiable need of the hour for businesses to up their hiring standards, user experience, and amplify their branding to build awareness about everything from culture to values with a show-don’t-tell approach. By having one in place, you’ve already taken the necessary steps to ensure that candidates that visit your careers site are well-informed about vacancies and exciting job opportunities, however, how do you reach out to the qualified talent that has not yet managed to find your dedicated employment page?


With 45 percent of job seekers using their mobile devices to find their next lead, and many more taking their job search online according to a recent research, it’s important to be strategic about spreading the word about your vacancies. Thus, it is vital for your ATS to extend your reach beyond your career website. This is why we recommend complementing your career channel with free job posting platforms to connect with a larger talent pool and securing visibility among job seekers, both active and passive.


Most Overlooked Benefits of Free Job Posting Sites:


1) Vast audience exposure:

Perhaps the most obvious yet most underestimated, the impact of your message is strongly tied to the volume of people it manages to reach. Job posting sites have an edge in terms of high visitor traffic that strengthen your chances of achieving better quality hiring decisions and accelerated time-to-hire.


Practically a gold-mine to build candidate pipelines for growing businesses- there’s a lot to be gained by tapping into relevant talent pools by having your job postings show up on popular job boards. Using the right ATS, you can avail the perks of automated job board integration; auto-publishing privileges on portals such as bayt means no manual data entry hassles. Instead, you can use your time wisely to identify the talent that adds most value to your team.


2) Increased organic traffic on your careers page:

Linking your career page to the job advertisement is a sure shot way to bring in candidates to your website that will help with your online rankings. Using the right keywords and linking job advertisements on job boards back to your career portal will help you with back links in addition to giving your search rankings a valuable boost.


Not only does traffic come back to your site where you have a better opportunity to brand yourself to a wider audience, you also get a welcome bump in your SEO profile, which in the medium/long run will have a positive impact on organic rankings.


3) Measurable candidate sourcing:

With a smart ATS like Talentera, you can track the volume of candidates coming through a range of different sources- including job ad sites. Already doing the homework for you, the transparency allows you to gain a powerful hiring advantage by identifying where your top talent is being sourced from in a very candidate-driven market.

Optimizing your sourcing channels will enable you to not only improve your talent acquisition strategy, but also save time by focusing only on platforms that drive best applicants to your database.



Key Takeaways

Your branded career page is undeniably your strongest recruitment tool, however, choosing a resourceful ATS that allows automated job board integration across multiple job sites works wonders to further add efficiency to your hiring workflows and enhancing your ROI.


From pushing organic traffic your way, dramatically amplifying exposure of your open positions, and allowing you to measure effectiveness of the various candidate streams at work- free job posting sites are a great solution to engage with more applicants, and get more eyes focused on your careers page.


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