Send Bayt CV to onboarding with one click!

When a recruiter proceeds with hiring a candidate, it is important to conduct some onboarding actions to get the hired talent settled in his or her new position. In order to do that, the recruiter moves the CV to the onboarding stage and sends an onboarding email, which is connected to either automated or manual onboarding steps. This possibility is already available on the system for candidates whose CV was created on the branded career site. But with this new addition, Bayt CVs can also be dealt with the same way. This enhancement will allow recruiters to do this part of their job effortlessly.

How it works:

1- Go to job section, in system main menu

2- Open a job that has many applications

3- Filter from the cluster “Sourcing from” CVs

4- Open any CV that was moved to the “hired stage”, and check send to onboarding Button on the top of the CV. And you are done!