Say Hello to the New Easy Apply Feature!

Long & complex job application processes are a major reason for low application volumes for a job. When job seekers need to go through several steps to submit an application, they often lose interest mid-way. 


Recruiters, on the other hand, want to maximize relevant job applications as much as possible to create a wider pool of choice for hiring managers. Therefore, it is important for recruiters to have the flexibility to pick and choose the level of details needed to apply for any job. 


To help with these issues, we released a brand new feature called “Easy Apply”. 


Easy Apply is a simplified job application process that allows job seekers to drop an application without the need to have an account on the career portal, or go through a CV builder, to help maximize job applications. 


How it works:


First, let’s see how RECRUITERS can setup Easy Apply for any of your jobs


1- Login to your employer account.


2- Open post a job page from the jobs section in the system’s main navigation menu.


3- In post a job page, the third step “sourcing channels” look for this option” Enable easy apply for this job” and set it to yes, to enable it, then publish the job.



Now, let’s switch over to see how the job seeker experience will change with Easy Apply on:


4- The job seeker will arrive at a job view page


5- From here, they will be able to find the “Easy Apply” button, even they are not logged on or they don’t have an account


7- Once it is clicked a modal will be opened that contains the following fields:

  1. Upload CV Field
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name 
  4. Email Address
  5. Mobile Phone
  6. Date of Birth 

8- Once the application is sent, a mini account will be created for that candidate, the application will be submitted, and the recruiter will be able to find it in the inbox stage.

9- The candidate information will be saved in the user’s browser, so the job seeker will be able to withdraw his/her application or apply for another job without the need to fill the information again, as long as the browser session history isn’t cleared.

10- What’s more – the job seeker can upgrade this “Easy Apply” mini-account to a regular account anytime by completing the missing information on the CV builder. 

With a regular account, applicants will be able to access their application statuses from any device and will have access to a larger set of features like alerts & saved searches. 


We can enable the Easy Apply feature for any Talentera client upon request.