Save your job searches with one click!

Recruiters, through their day to day jobs, tend to search through jobs in the job folder, and look for a certain type of jobs based on criteria that they will choose from the cluster search.

Usually, such searches are useful to check job stages, types, sources etc.


In reality, it is not a one-time action, recruiters often reuse the same filters again from time to time.


And since efficiency is required when doing such actions, we have added the ability to save the cluster search options that the recruiter set when he/she searched through jobs, so they can get back to it any time they want.

How it Works:

  1. Login to your employer account 
  2. Go to job folder 
  3. Search through jobs, by choosing from the clusters options.
  4. Then click save
  5. From the open modal, add a name to your saved search then save it
  6. Go to saved searches drop downlist and check your saved search.

And you are done!