Rethink Client Engagement: Why Your Recruitment Agency Needs a CRM


For recruitment agencies, managing clients needs and providing them with top candidates every time a position opens is the foundation of all great relationships. Unfortunately, too many agencies are unable to support their clients’ success due to inefficient systems, decentralized information sharing, and outdating communication preferences that cause unnecessary lags and complicate hiring related decisions.


Instead of jeopardizing performance outcomes, staffing agencies now have the option to adopt specially designed CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems with custom features to simplify their client servicing and management. A great choice for both small and large sized agencies, staying competitive and finding your clients’ prospects faster becomes less stressful when you invest in the right technology solution to do the heavy lifting for you.


How? Let’s break down the benefits of the CRM from both the customer and agency perspective to see the benefits waiting to be unlocked:


Convenience for the Recruitment Agency

Approximately three quarters of employers struggle to find relevant candidates- a huge opportunity for staffing agencies to step in and save the day. A thriving industry that continues to grow, it brings to the table the challenge of client engagement- easily one of the most time-intensive responsibilities that account managers have on their minds at all times.


Gathering requirements, searching for talent, recommending prospects, collecting feedback, waiting for days for email responses and sending reminders- this is all in a day’s work.


Having a dedicated CRM to streamline these tasks helps redirect focus on the goal that matters most- delivering an exceptional customer experience. By using an ATS such as Talentera with a built in CRM especially for recruitment agencies, they are able to better manage multiple employer accounts in a more proactive, versus a reactive manner.


Making use of the powerful candidate database acquired through their customized branded career portal, talent sourcing companies enjoy access to a constant inflow of fresh talent. The account managers can strategically match job descriptions with the right CV via the parsing tool- a fast solution to help clients overcome their talent shortage. The wonders of centralized CRM  don’t end here; employers can also add tags and notes to CVs in order to instantly share feedback with their assigned talent acquisition specialist.


Avoiding the drag of never ending emails, the focused communication helps nurture client loyalty and improves candidate placement with the CRM being a centralized hub for all exchanges, vacancies received, CVs shared, and performance metrics reflecting how well your client relationship is doing.


Providing key figures at a glance including total number of active jobs, approved CVs, pending CVs, rejected CVs, etc, thes insights are dependable indicators for staffing agencies to determine how valuable a particular client relationship is for their business’s well being.

Smooth Employer Experience

As a hiring company, your success depends greatly on the capabilities of the talent you’re acquiring (especially considering that 90% of recruiters believe that today’s labor market is highly candidate-driven).


Employers have a consistent demand for candidates that need to be filled, a need that they communicate to staffing agencies over long email threads and phone calls. This is a huge hassle for growing businesses that need to prioritize scalability over talent hunt; they need recruitment agencies at the top of their game with the technology to keep conversations going without redundant messaging.


This is where a CRM makes a great asset to spearhead exceptional customer experiences- no detail goes unnoticed in the system or faces risk of being accidentally overlooked in a messy inbox with hundreds of emails.


For example, if the client has a preference for fresh graduates, the account manager can mark this interest in the CRM so all conversations have a trackable and documented record without losing valuable context. The employer also has the luxury of submitting notes and feedback relevant to the CVs received- a simple step to drive further actions triggering need for more CVs, or expressing satisfaction with the current batch.


The ability to detach from unstructured emails is a relief for hiring managers! They receive bulk CVs in one email that they can review, and reject/accept the candidate, a smooth sequence of steps that helps employers almost “self-serve” their needs without complicated steps and need to repeat their concerns.


Having a great CRM removes the hurdles of scattered information, client communications, and constant email swaps that seem to have no end in sight. Using a CRM to nurture long lasting relationships is a must for recruitment agencies in these highly competitive market conditions. Providing clients with instant access to talent and the ability to share feedback, modernize your customer servicing strategy to avoid the risk of getting left behind in the race for satisfied clients.


About Talentera

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