Parse Scanned CVs With Our OCR Technology

The Talentera team takes our customer feedback very seriously so we can positively impact your hiring and productivity every chance we get. Although we have had CV parsing for digital word and pdf files as a core feature of our offering, recruiters would often find themselves in a bind with scanned CVs or images. But worry no further – we have upped our functionality and are very proud to share our OCR CV parsing enhancement for employers and job seekers.


The Challenge

Recruiters receive CVs in a variety of formats that are not always readable or searchable. Meanwhile, hiring executives often get printed CVs from walk-ins and recruitment events, and having these uploaded to Talentera was a challenge without time intensive manual data-entry efforts. To add to the dilemma, a major chunk of these CVs were scanned images signifying a a dead end for the application as uploading and getting thet parsed was impossible.  Similarly, job seekers that had scanned CVs would face friction in having to enter tons of data and not benefit from our parsing feature.

With hundreds of CVs received daily by recruiters for every vacancy in image formats saved as pdf files, this ultimately meant increased time-to-hire, hiring backlogs, stressed out recruiters, and of course high costs of operations due to extensive manpower being used just to convert scanned candidate profiles to searchable CVs.


Talentera’s OCR Resume Parsing Solution

Keeping in mind this hassle of clients being unable to parse CVs because they were in an image based pdf format, we have now launched OCR (Optical Character Recognition) parsing to provide textual representation of images that are then parsed and published to be both readable and searchable. Allowing the CVs content to be seamlessly transferred to the candidate database, the OCR functionality is a must have for fast growing companies and their expanding hiring needs.


A powerful step towards truly supporting digital recruitment with utmost efficiency, scanned pdf files can now be parsed in seconds to unlock many benefits including:


1) Automated data-entry so your recruiters can achieve easily searchable candidate profiles.

2) An easy to grow talent database with the ability to find relevant talent even on a time crunch.

3) A seamless and quick solution to import and route files into your talent portal.

4) Impressive user experience and streamlined job application process for job seekers to enjoy.


How To Use OCR CV Parsing?

Experiencing the OCR CV parsing is extremely simple even for beginner level users:


1) Click on the “Post Your CV” option on the career portal.


2) Select “Upload Your CV” from the options available.



3) Drag and drop, or upload the pdf file of the CV to be parsed (other supported file types are doc, docx,, txt).



4) The CV will be immediately parsed in a matter of seconds with readable/searchable text for recruiters to review.



Helping save time, money, and eliminating productivity roadblocks, the speed of Talentera’s OCR CV parsing is bound to leave your recruiters and prospects both happy and relieved!


Who gets it?

This enhancement is available for access to all Talentera customers. If you wish to learn more about this feature, please get in touch with your account manager as they will be happy to help.


About Talentera

We strive to build a top-class online recruitment solution that will help organizations from every discipline to recruit smarter, faster and easier. A product of, which leads the job site market in the Middle East region, we are privileged to have served thousands of employers of every shape and size in the region and it is this 14 years of rich online recruitment experience that we have poured into Talentera.


If you’d like to speak with an expert to learn how Talentera can improve your company’s recruiting processes, please get in touch.