Notify your candidates once moved to the rejection stage by email.

Updating the candidate selection flow stages often results in a set of activities and tasks that the HR manager and recruiter normally do manually, which vary from one stage to another and from one case to another.

In the case of rejecting candidates after deciding throughout the process that he/she is not a fit for the vacancy, usually, an email is sent for the candidates to notify him/her about this.

However, since these emails are now being sent manually, for multiemployer solution, we have decided to add the automation capability to it in a way that will help the recruiter by sending it by the system.


We have added a new flag that will allow the client to automate the email, this flag will be enabled by our tech team upon request, which will allow the client to use the system default rejection email, or select a template from the system letter template page.


Once it is set up then the system should send an email for the candidate when the CV is moved to a rejection stage, and the default email will be sent in case there is no template selected.


How it Works: 

  1. Log in to your employer account and go to the job folder.
  2. Go to templates, and choose a letter template and edit it the way you prefer, then save.
  3. Contact your technical account manager to finish the setup
  4. Choose any job that you have been screening it is candidates
  5. Pick a candidate that you think is not a great fit for the job, and update his application to the reject stage. 
  6. The candidate will receive the rejection email that you sent and you are done, and you are done!


Note that this feature is available upon request.