New Feature: Introducing Talentera’s New CRM For Recruitment Agencies

Strapped for time and in need of fast candidate recommendations, many businesses rely on external recruitment agencies to handle the talent hunting for them. With the resources to really zoom in on exceptional candidates, and cater to the specificity of the skills required for the position, recruitment agencies help fill positions with both speed and precision.


What Is a CRM?

Keeping the employer and recruitment agency relationship in mind, we’re excited to announce Talentera’s new CRM (Client Relationship Management) system that enables BCCs to add all the companies (in this instance: clients) they work with in a super seamless manner.


Packed with features that streamline communication, candidate evaluation, employer feedback, and help better understand client needs, staffing agencies can look forward to non-interruptive workflows to find the right people for the roles in focus. And as always, our fantastic customer support is always here to guide you every step of the way.


How Does It Work?

1) As an Admin, or user with the “Clients Management” permission, navigate to the “Clients” option. Now select “Add a Client” to start adding your clients.



2) On the “Add New Client” page, you’ll be required to add client details, select the parent company (if there), add the user responsible for managing that client, and finally add the client’s contact(s) details.



3) Once done, you’ll be directed to the “Client Management” page. Here you can find any previously added clients, along with the option to add new clients, or to view the Dashboard for existing clients.



4) You can now start posting jobs for the client by selecting the client name from the “Clients” drop-down under “Post a Job” set up directions.



5) You can decide whether the client name will appear to the job seekers or not from the third step in posting a job.



6) You will start receiving candidates for that job, and filter them based on the client’s need. Once you’ve found the right candidate(s) for your client, you can get his/her feedback for the candidate to ensure you’re pursuing the right prospects. 

Talentera’s CRM allows the user to send a request for one candidate, or for more than one, in the same notification. Next, select the client’s contact that you would like to send the candidate(s) to.



7) An email will be sent to the selected contact; this email will contain a link to review the candidate(s) details.


8) The client will be redirected to the page containing the sent candidate(s) along with their details. He/she should be able to reject or accept the candidate, and also write their notes for each candidate before sharing the feedback.



9) The user will be able to see the clients feedback for a specific candidate in “Activities on CV” section.



10) If you’re interested in viewing all the activities for a client, you can move to the “Dashboard” page from Client Management page. This page will display the following:


  • The number of total jobs that posted for that client
  • The number of active jobs
  • The number of total CVs shared with the client
  • The number of approved CVs
  • The number of pending CVs
  • The number of rejected CVs
  • The sent emails for that client
  • The added notes for the clients, or the notes that comes from his/her feedback
  • All the uploaded attachments for the clients
  • The shared CVs in details
  • The shared jobs in details



Making it easier for you to manage clients and their recruitment needs, our recruitment agency CRM is both intuitive, and a comprehensive upgrade to your traditional workflows. Check it out and let us know your feedback!


Who gets it?

If you wish to learn more about this feature, please get in touch with your account manager as they will be happy to help.

If you’d like to speak with an expert to learn how Talentera can improve your company’s recruiting processes, please get in touch.