New Evaluation Forms System Templates

What is it?

Evaluating candidates can be tricky- and ensuring that your evaluation process is organized, fast and standardized- even trickier. This is why Talentera is now providing recruiters with our own set of predefined evaluation form templates in order to get a head start!

Helping Talentera users rank candidate qualifications, skill proficiency and other qualities for the positions they are seeking talent for, our team has worked hard to provide you with evaluation forms for various purposes to ensure the success of your company.


How does it work?

Ready to hire the best talent in the business, recruit effective leadership or the next generation of excellence? Our evaluation forms are ready to get you on track:

1) Recruiters can find the predefined system templates in the evaluation forms tab.










They’ll will have a “System” label next to them:


2) Recruiters can choose from these system templates when choosing the evaluation form to fill for a candidate as well:



We hope that you enjoy the inspiration and look forward to making use of our predefined evaluation forms to ensure that your candidates have the right skills necessary for the position. Good luck!


Who gets it?

This enhancement is available for access to all Talentera customers. If you wish to learn more about this feature, please get in touch with your account manager as they will be happy to help.

If you’d like to speak with an expert to learn how Talentera can improve your company’s recruiting processes, please get in touch.