New design enhancement for menus, banners and sections.

It is important to enhance our user experience constantly, to make sure that our clients have the easiest, yet most enjoyable time while using our system. This  led us to make some interface changes to our system by letting the user decide if the banner is sliding auto or not, adding employer testimonial management in the admin panel at the employer side, and giving our employers full control to the content of this section on their career site home page. We’ve also enhanced the default font of the site, added predefined fonts, and changed the employer side logos.



How it Works:

  1. Log in to your employer account and check the menu, check the employer side logo and font.
  2. Then go to admin panel- content management section
  3. Go to the testimonial section and a new testimonial 
  4. Fill the fields in the page and submit the form 
  5. Go to the career site home page check it is font, banners, and the added testimonial, and you are done!