More freedom in exporting job seeker reports!

When exporting certain reports, it is great to give recruiters and HR managers the freedom to choose what fields they want to export.  This need comes as a result of different clients’ criteria when evaluating job seekers’ data for hiring and analysis purposes,  so we have added the ability to choose from a pool of data fields when exporting job seeker reports. This newly added feature offers the same experience as the CV folder bulk export in order to create a  consistent experience throughout the system.

How it works:

1- Go to the reports section in the system left navigation menu.

2- Choose job seeker reports.

3- From the search filters, set your search criteria and submit

4- Choose the results that you want to export by bulk, then click on download icon

5- From the opened modal choose the fields that you want to be exported in the report, and you are done!