Jobs reopening has arrived!

It is very common for recruiters to want to reopen a closed job that has been cancelled or filled. Previously, the clients were required to send a request to reopen a closed job to the support team since there’s no action for that in the job folder. Well that’s not the case anymore! Now, all clients can go to any closed job, click on the actions list, pick the “reopen” option, then notice that the job is changed to “Open (Unpublished)”.  Note that whether the job status shows “Open“ or “Open (Unpublished)“ depends on the expiry date of the job. Only users with a re-open function can reopen a job.

How it works:

1- Go to my jobs, from jobs section in the system navigation menu

2- Choose any closed job, and go to more option on the menu above it

3- From the dropdown list choose to reopen it, and you are done!