Introducing our New Feature – Emails Management.

Recruiters and HR managers often came to a crosse a lot of different scenarios where they change come parts of the organization hiring process, which will affect many of the interactions inside the organization itself, and the communication with job seekers and candidates as well. these changes often imply necessary changes on emails, whether it is a notification email, reminder, or action request, we have gone through it all. Previously any changes to such emails, will require our client to file a ticket for our support team, then the tech team will happily serve the client need, and this will come in a cost for time to implement the changes, and long process to get it live, and as we progress in the mission to get the talent acquisition service that we provide to thrive, even more, we decided to let our beloved clients take matters on their hands by releasing the new email management module which will allow them to build and edit the modules emails in our system by themselves, any time they want and gets the changes that they want live in a matter of seconds without any delays.

Here how it works:

1- Go to admin panel – system setup section.

2- Click on email management

3- Choose the email language that you prefer

4- and the module that you want to edit the email for. “currently we cover (Job and interview modules)

5- Pick the action that you want to edit it is email.

6- Choose the user type ” note that some actions may have other dependant values that you have to choose from like “email context”

7- Then search.

8- From the results list, click on the edit icon for the email that you want to edit.

9- Edit the email text by adding macros, editing, and styling the text.

10- Then submit, and you are done!

Note that in the future we are planning to cover more modules and features emails

This feature is available for all clinets.