Introducing offer letters approval!

In many organizations, job offers are so crucial in a way that it has to be approved before sending it to candidates.

The approval process always varies from one organization to another, and it has different stakeholders involved.

And because we believe in creating a solution that service various and different needs, we would like to introduce approvals for offer letters. 

How Does it work: 

1- Login to your employer account .

2- Go to any job that you have found a great candidate to fit in, and have progressed in the hiring process.

3- Open the candidate CV, & click on send offer icon.

4- From issue an offer page, created an offer of the candidate by filling out the form

5- Then click on the submit button.

6- The success message with appear above to direct you to send the offer for approval is you wish to.

7- To send it for approval, click on manage approvers button

8- Add approvers in parallel and sequential to your offer.

9- Once you are done click on save.

10- The offer will be sent for approval, by email to all assigned approvers.



11- The assigned approver can approve or reject  by clicking on accept or reject buttons in the email.

12- Any time you can view the approval status by visiting issued offers page, and you can also send reminders as well for pending approvals.


And you are done!

Kindly note that this feature is paid, and available upon request.