We Just Made our Evaluation Forms Mobile-Friendly. Here’s Why.

The recruiter’s job is never easy. With a growing applicant pool to deal with, and the uphill battle of reviewing countless applications, sending and scoring assessments, monitoring their progress, and then finally reaching out to the ones who made the cut- the recruiter’s daily grind is long and time-consuming. Of course, recruiters have recently been migrating to technological solutions and innovations to aid these processes, but even their newfound technological dependence comes with its share of inconveniences.


Switching non-stop between the mobile and the laptop because you have half your data stored on one device and the rest on the other, or because you’re performing some functions on one and the remaining on another, can be jarring and is sure to interfere with the seamlessness of your workflow and your ability to efficiently keep track of it. Work is stressful as it is. Why add to it?


A Quick Refresher


A few months ago, we rolled out our much-awaited evaluation forms with the aim of facilitating easy and objective candidate assessments. Coming to the rescue of interviewers who would often find themselves in a fix when choosing between two equally qualified candidates, or recruiters who’d be at pains comparing wildly disparate feedback forms, these forms rose to the occasion as a brilliant solution.

Here’s a quick recap to jog your memory: Our evaluation forms have a customized and pre-set evaluation criteria, that offers the recruiters and hiring managers the freedom to formulate questions with multiple answer formats, assign weights to these questions and establish metrics for an automated final decision. Additionally, these forms can be shared with multiple assessors to enable a quick, hassle-free and smooth process, without the expected pitfalls of collaborative hiring.

What’s more, interviewers don’t need to rely on their imperfect memory to remember the first impressions they made of candidates or run the risk of falling vulnerable to unconscious and intuitive biases during the assessment process. These evaluation forms are thus being used as a premier tool for objective and effective candidate evaluations.


What’s New?


However, at Talentera we believe that there’s always room for improvement.

Now that this feature has quickly risen to become a recruiter favorite, we decided to kick things up a notch and come out with an exciting and very useful update to our popular feature!

Mobile-Friendly Evaluation Forms


Presenting to you, our mobile-friendly evaluation forms!

Yes. Now you can access your favorite feature as quickly as possible, with zero delays or interruptions, on your smart phones. With a mobile responsive design that prioritizes user experience, you can access, navigate, browse and fill in these evaluation forms on your Talentera mobile app with utmost ease and promptness.




Of course, you might be tempted to ask, what was the need? Don’t worry, we won’t leave you guessing. Here’s why mobile optimization for our evaluation forms was totally warranted:


Maximizing Recruiter Productivity


Now that our evaluation forms are mobile friendly, recruiters and hiring managers can fill them in on the go or in between tasks. This cuts down the time spent ranking and shortlisting candidates, thereby shortening the assessment stage and maximizing recruiter productivity. The pocketability of smartphones means that these forms can be filled anywhere, anytime and since evaluators don’t have to waste precious minutes waiting to get a hold of their laptop, there is less time lost in between stages.

In fact, now that they are mobile-optimized, recruiters can even fill these evaluation forms while the interview is in progress and send it over to the recruiter as soon as they are done. Recruiters who’d previously have to wait indefinitely to hear from the decision makers before they could proceed to the next stage and would be stuck sending them constant reminders when they could have utilized the same time engaging in more productive tasks, can now be assured of instant feedback responses.

This sets up a smooth, seamlessly functioning workflow, minimizing gaps between stages and avoiding unnecessary lags.

Simply put, now that these evaluation forms essentially lie in your pocket, there’s no excuse to not be filling them in promptly!

To learn more about how to make use of this feature, you can read our product update article here.

The Bottom Line


Our evaluation forms’ consistency of experience across both devices comes as a boost to the utility and efficiency of the feature. With a barrage of tasks and deadlines looming over their head, recruiters are racing against time to get things done. In such circumstances, each minute counts. With our easy and accessible mobile-friendly solution, you don’t have to fritter away crucial moments switching between devices and can leverage the versatility of our feature for quicker and smoother workflows.