Enhancements on Applicant Stage, Jobs report, Talent Trend and Job Seeker reports.

Sometimes, recruiters want certain information to be included in the exported reports such as the job division and Internal Employee Referrals, a filter to eliminate or include the value of certain criteria, or adding certain CV attachments such as video CV links. All of the additions above are very important to get the needed data efficiently and to help the decision-makers along the way. Enhancing the report’s experience is very important as it is a cornerstone to successfully monitor the performance and quality of acquired talents and operations along the way. All of these enhancements can now be viewed by visiting the Applicant Stage report, Jobs report, Talent Trend report, and job seeker report.  

How it works:

1- Go to the report section in the system navigation menu

2- Open each one these reports:

  • Talent trends report
  • Jobseeker report
  • Application stage volume

3- Check the changes on the reports.