Don’t miss a beat with the new reminders capability!

When sending a requisition, hiring approval, or candidate approval request, some of the key members involved in the hiring process may get caught up in the day-to-day work and overlook the request.

To solve this issue as it delays the hiring process, we have launched  reminders to give recruiters the ability to proceed faster by sending system emails after a certain period of time (which can be set dynamically), in case the approval request for any of the following areas wasn’t processed:

1- Requisition

2- Hiring approval

3- Candidate approval

The reminders will also give the receivers the ability to approve or reject the request from the email directly.

Here how it works:

Once a requisition, hiring approval, or candidate approval was created and sent to you for approval if your response was delayed, a reminder email will be delivered to your inbox.

the delivered email will have the following:

1- Request details.

2- Buttons to approve and reject.

and if you are the issuer for the approval request, rest assured that pending approvals will not be the issue anymore!