Custom reports auto-generating has arrived!

In many organizations, scheduled reports are a must-have, as numbers and data is always the trusted source for truth and to make crucial decisions in time.

One of the most popular cases is to get an auto-generated report and to schedule it based on preferred time spans to certain decision-makers and colleagues. This scenario has been in high demand. So, we came up with a great addition to our custom report features that will allow recruiters and HR managers to share the report that they tailored based on their needs to certain system users, and based on a frequency of their choice.

How it Works:

  1. Log in to your employer account.
  2. Go to custom reports from the report section in the system main navigation menu 
  3. Go to saved reports 
  4. There’s a new action called “Share“.
  5. Try to assign the report to any active employer, then set the frequency to be sent every day / every week on Sunday or every month on the first.
  6. The emails will be sent based on the reports’ share settings, on “6 AM” GMT