Control who views your job stages by user role customization!

Recruiters should be able to hide some stages from certain user roles. For example, they might want the hiring manager to only view a few job stages as part of the process authenticity and to keep some parts private in the job stages. This need is now fulfilled by editing the stage that you want to hide/show and by checking the option “Has No Access (Hide Stage)” in the edit modal. In case the recruiter selects this option, then a new list will appear which is labeled “Roles to have access”. This list will retrieve all defined roles in the system. The user should be able to select more than one role. Any role that does not have the access to view this stage will not be able to view it in the funnel…  


How It Works:

1- Go to the admin panel, system setup section.

2- Open manage candidate selection flow page.

3- Choose one of the active candidate selection flow.

4- Open the stage that you want to edit by clicking on the pin icon on the top right corner of the stage section.

5- From the opened modal, add the roles that has access only next to “Has Limited Access” option, or the roles that do not have access next to “Has No Access (Hide Stage)” option. And you are done!