Control Edit Access in your Forms!

There are many cases where recruiters and HR managers prefer to set certain data as read-only for many reasons, one of them is when the organization has certain values and hiring conditions that they don’t want to be edited or changed by the recruiting team when hiring new talent.

To guarantee full lock for some of the fields in any issued forms such as offer letters, we have added the capability of setting any fields in the form management as read-only, where the HR manager or recruiter will be able to set a default value for that field and lock it from editing.

This change will make the field value appear to recruiters without the ability to edit it.

How it Works:

Go to your employer account and login

  1. Then go to admin panel under management 
  2. Create or edit a form such as “offer letter”.
  3. Click on the edit icon for any custom field
  4. Check the check box “Read Only”, then save the field and the from