Better insights about the actions on Job linked CVs!

Recruiters tend to keep an eye on CV activities and actions. In case the action was taken from the job applicants folder, the recruiter will now get better updates about the activity on each CV. This new addition appears when the user opens the CV from job applicants folder. There they will be able to view any of the below updates as they take place: 

    1. Messages sent
    2. Tags Added 
    3. Attachments Added
    4. Offer letters Sent
    5. Video assessments 
    6. Questionnaires 
    7. Documents requested
    8. Candidate approvals 

To check this new feature, follow the steps below:

1- Go to jobs section in the system navigation menu

2- Open any job, then select a candidate that has stage updates.

3- Go to Activities on CV option then click on “more” to see what update went down for the mentioned areas above, or check all updates in all tab.