Automatically show Job seekers their application stage!

Some employers prefer to update the candidates about their application status in an automated way without increasing the load of work on recruiters and by simply showing the application stage in the job seeker dashboard – “my application stage”.

The stage that appears for the applicant mirrors the actual stage in the talent acquisition flow for the organization. Examples:
CV Inbox : “Received”
Hired : “Successful”
Rejected: “Unsuccessful”
Other Stages : “In Progress”
This will change every time the job seeker CV is moved between stages and will be shown to the job seeker based on the organization’s mapping choice.
Note that this feature will be enabled once it is requested.

How it works:

1- Go to the career channel.

2- Login to a job seeker account that has previously applied to a job, and has been screened and moved through stages.

3- Go to job seeker dashboard, and check out the application stage section, and you are done!