Add more details to CV approval request with original CV attachments.

It is important for recruiters to get CV approvals for some candidates before proceeding to the next steps of acquiring the new talent.

Since our clients typically send requests for CV approvals two areas in the system, the first one being the action button on the CV listing (Get CV Approval) and the second one by automation from smart rules, a new demand has surfaced. 

Adding the original CV attachment with these requests is important for approvers and decision-makers so they can view the original document that the candidates attached with their application and to have a better understanding and reference for the candidate’s qualifications and experience.

How it works:

1- Go to the job section in the system main menu 

2- Then open my jobs page

3- Choose a job with many applicants

4- Then check a bulk of CVs with cv attachments

5- Go to collaborate – Get CV approvals

6- In the opened cv approvals page check the “Share Original CV Attachment” option before submitting, and you are done!